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Hey my name is Spider-Man. You can call me Web-Head, you can call me Amazing, just don’t call me late for dinner. Get it?

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We went from
could have been
In a single kiss.

m.v., We decided we were too high a risk. (via findingwordsforthoughts)

Do you know -
that when I let you
kiss away my fears
I am showing you
bits of me
no one’s ever seen?

Do you know -
how scary that is for me?

Do you know -
how much it means?

m.v., sometimes I love you is felt in tears. (via findingwordsforthoughts)
Do I love you
More than I love myself?
Do I need to be drunk
To wonder that?

m.v., why is self-love so damn difficult? (via findingwordsforthoughts)
My mother always said -
I was too sensitive,
I shouldn’t let people get to me,
Words shouldn’t pierce my skin;
But see the trouble is
Now when you tell me you love me
I only feel it skin deep,
I’ve become so guarded
Love slides right off me.

m.v., I don’t want to imagine I’m a bubble anymore.  (via findingwordsforthoughts)
for the longest time
i felt
the absence
of your

I want to tell you
When I touch your skin
I’m reaching for what’s underneath, I’m reaching for Saturday mornings and breakfast in bed and dancing in our underwear, I’m reaching for a hand that will hold mine when I start to drown, the one that will steal the last bite of pancakes off my plate, the one that will untangle my hair; and
When I kiss your scars
I’m kissing the boy who spent every day of 6th grade eating lunch alone, and the one who had to spill vodka from half-empty bottles down the drain every night before bed long before he was old enough to drink, I’m kissing him, the one who found solace in The Smiths and foreign movies, the one who fought but sometimes still lost, sometimes still cut the skin I’m kissing;
When I whisper in your ear
That I love you - over and over again, it is not merely love I am trying to convey, I’m trying to teach your ears that they can hear softness too, that they can hear good, I am trying to teach them to listen to the world, the parts that want to give love, that want to tell you how special you are - listen, the stars are whispering your name, the wind is their messenger, listen - I love you, I love you, I love you; and
When I dig my nails into your flesh
I am begging you to stay, I’m telling you a story of a girl who spent half her life waiting - in hospital rooms and at airports and hotel lobbies, in front of schools in foreign cities, I am begging you to stay, to be the first person to ever be there, to just stay;
I want to tell you,
But instead I whisper I love you, as I hold on to your flesh and I hope, beyond all reason that your skin will understand.

m.v., things unsaid. (via findingwordsforthoughts)


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putawayyourharpoon asked:
I just want to see Lestrade's dick or ass make some appearance before I tell BBC Sherlock to kiss my ass. It could even be a reference like that John "chafing" reference in HLV. Or someone (ahemSallyahem) making a better "Is that a ____ in your pocket" joke than Moriarty did in TGG when Lestrade walks into the Yard. Fuck, give me *something* concerning that man's genitalia so I can peace on this show on a high note!


maybe if we pray hard enough it will happen


martin is a hot dad